Dear Diary.

I used to spend so much time fingers attached to a keyboard that the thought of writing digitally, or really just writing, was daunting. I’m in a place now, where I work in a very public world, sales, but in some ways am more alone than ever. I’m often alone in my car for hours at a time and interact in a way that isn’t fake, but I have very little intimate or truly friendly interactions. I’m 27 and have a solid handful of women that I love dearly – but the closest lives an hour away.

I find myself lashing out at my boyfriend because he can’t be my always friend, boyfriend, therapist, and lover. Every single day. He is kind, and does a great job at being my everything but I don’t want that. I miss having close friends.

We will call this entry Dear Diary because I hope to put down more of my thoughts, experiences, and ideas so they don’t get lost in the laundry, dinner meetings, and wine.


I love you.

What do you think?

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