My First 10-day Cleanse

I’ve never done a real body cleanse but it is long over time. I’m almost back up, and may be back up, to my heaviest weight ever. Summer is just around the corner and I need to take a minute to get back inside my body.

The cleanse will reduce the number of solid foods I eat, including lots of water, smoothies, and broth.

I’d like to track my feelings surrounding food each day, so I’m going to do it here. I’m not usually open about my struggles with food – but need to be to put them into words to address some of the issues I have.


Reset my tummy

Lose a pound or two

Reconnect with food

Take a serious break from any alcohol

Release some toxins


Emotional eating

Inability to say no

Binge eating

Excess alcohol

Here is the link to my lovely friend who will be guiding this cleanse. Check her out:

What do you think?

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