26 and feeling much better.

It is fall and I must say – I’m really excited!! Fall is my absolute favorite season: fresh wonderful produce, pretty leaves, boots, scarves, the entire month of October, and lets not forget apples, cool nights or the general feeling of a calm wind down from summer.

Yeah – I love fall.

I’m especially excited about this fall, though.  As many of you know, last fall was rough for me. My crash landing on a pull out couch in my sister’s home in Newburgh, NY left me lonely, over weight, sad, and missing my Portland family. Not to mention, 25 and a complete loser in terms of succeeding professionally.

Well, I’m back bitches!

I finally landed my dream job. I love what I do and who I do it for.  No more bullshiting my former, self described, “incredibly prolific” boss. Oh, and I don’t have to be a desk zombie.  

I bought a car. So you know, I’m mobile. This may seem like a small success but it was holding me back in life.

Oh, and I’m in love. Completely. Did I mention we are house hunting? He is the best person in my life. Thank you Dutter.

To those of you reading who actually know me – thank you. Thanks for sticking by and believing in me. 25 was rough but I’m more than half way through 26 and feeling good.

And this fall – I’m running at life and hoping to maybe just skin my knee instead of crash land. Cheers to fall without falling too hard.

P.s. :

This is what love looks like. Duh!

What do you think?

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