Days like today, I feel so incredibly grateful to be alive. I get so stuck in the trials of everyday life and it stresses me out. I’ve had the week off between starting my job and leaving my old one and have spent it at home with my best friends, family, and boyfriend. The sun has shined every day this week and according to my allergies spring is officially here. So, today I’m taking ten minutes out of my day to reflect on my gratitude for a few things in my life

Today I’m reminded that I’m grateful for:
My family. They do everything they can for me and I have no idea where I would be with out them.

My best friend. Jaime also does everything she can for me. Between picking up 3am phone calls, lending me money, or just making me laugh I’m lucky to have such a constant friend in my life.

My boyfriend. While dating Dustin is a new thing-I couldn’t be happier with him. He is kind, loves me, and makes this whole long distance relationship thing easy.

My new job. I have not started yet but I’m beyond excited for this opportunity. It is the first time I’ve ever felt so “right” about a job position and I can not wait to start what I think will be my first long term career.

The doggies in my life. Sounds crazy… but they really are (wo)man’s best friend.

My hometown. Being home reminds me of who I am and why I am the way I am. Oh yeah, and it is beautiful.

There are many other things that I’m thankful for but for now, I’m happy to put my gratitude in words out there for a few wonderful people, places, and things in my family. Happy spring!!

What do you think?

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