Resolutions… Sort of.

Warning: This post is more for me than you.

This is a post I’ve been putting off but know is totally necessary… the resolution post. DSCN0401Although this less resolution and more honest stream of conscious reflection, I’m not sure this is what I think of as a fun post. I could go on and about my feelings regarding 2012, analyzing every stone I turned over throughout the year, but I could also sum them up quite quickly with, “It fucking sucked!”  The one good thing that came out of 2012 is I feel in love with some beautiful women who showed me true friendship. I dedicate all the good feelings surrounding 2012 to them.

Thank you my Portland lovelies  you know who you are.


1) HEALTH! I want to get fit, eat better, and be mentally more with it.

  • FOOD: For the month of January I will not be eating meat and trying to avoid dairy. I’d like to spend less on food out and be consistent with the amount and type of food I eat. I’d like to give up potato chips. Period. Except tortilla chips because they are not my fav or a particular vice, but handy for dipping. End tortilla chip side note.
  • FITNESS: I want to do more yoga, but also push myself in other forms of fitness. I will run at least five races in 2013 and one of them will be the tough mudder 12k.
  • MENTAL: This is going to be a challenge of being true to myself and pushing myself to expand. I know that excersize and the people I surround myself with will also play a large role in my mental health. I need to break down some of the walls I’ve built up from 2012 and bring back the go get ’em attitude. Read more. Read fiction, non fiction, self help. Whatever it is I need to read more.
  • SLEEP: Get my ass out of bed and take care of myself in the morning – I really don’t need ten hours of sleep a day and feel that it is mostly depression induced. Stretch and/or workout. Dress in a way that makes me feel pretty. Do my hair and make up.


  • I’m not ready to write this section. To do: Make life plan with attainable steps. 


  • Use my mouth to speak what I’m actually thinking instead of avoiding things that make me uncomfortable or hiding behind humor. 

4)LOVE? True, love? Meh, I’m not sure I can make it a goal but it would be wonderful to find a man that is truly meant for me. I’d love a man with goals, the ability to build stuff, who is also kind, fun, adventurous, and compassionate. Handsome, smart, and wealthyish wouldn’t hurt either.  We’ll see. I still have some serious walls up.


Ready GO! Be a better person? Meh, just be me and try to not suck as bad as last year.

What do you think?

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